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All Genuine THOR gym floor cover products are Made in the USA

Gym Floor Covers

Do you use your gym for events other than basketball? Protect your wood floors from scratches, mars, water, dirt and scuff marks by covering it with a non-slip ThoroShield gym floor cover. Order Now

Ideal for such school activities as convocations, assemblies, band practice and other events that employ tables and chairs or involve traffic with street shoes. We also offer a castored rack and walk-behind tape dispenser for our gym floor coverings. If you need to order additional seaming tape, we offer that here.

Please contact for more information, custom tailored quotes & free samples.

Please note: Caution should always be taken with the use chemical products on or around vinyl floor covers; some products like silly string contain bonding agents which can damage the floor covers permanently!


• ThoroShield 1300 FR Gym Floor Cover
• ThoroShield 1800 FR Gym Floor Cover
ThoroShield 2200 FR Gym Floor Cover
ThoroShield 2700 FR Gym Floor Cover
ThoroShield 3250 FR Gym Floor Cover

ThoroShield FR products are
Mildew & Antimicrobial Resistant

• Care and Cleaning Instructions
• Gym Floor Cover Warranty
• Power Winder Specifications
• Gym Floor Cover & Rack Instructions

Heavy Duty Castored Racks for Gym Floor Covers
Mixed Martial Arts Mat Covers

Order Custom Gym Floor Covers:
     Length*: ' "  
  Width*: ' " (Standard Width is 10' to allow for winding on THOR Storage Racks)
  Quantity: (Calculate the number of rolls required to cover your floor)

Basketball Court Coverings and Plastic Tarps

*Basketball courts come in different shapes and sizes and colors. In the NBA, the court is 94 feet by 50 ft (28.65m by 15.24m). Under International Basketball Federation (FIBA) rules, the court is minutely smaller, measuring exactly 28 m by 15 m (91'10.4" by 49'2.6"). A high school court is slightly smaller, at 84' by 50' and some elementary schools have courts measuring 74' x 42'. In amateur basketball, court sizes vary widely.

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